Music School – Srivani Education Centre

Sampradaya Academy of Ethnomusicology (SAEM)

A unit of Sri Vani Education Centre Trust

Artistic view of music school

SAEM is a unique musical venture of SVECT launched as its unit in July 2015 to promote Indian Classical music education for school Children.

It focuses mainly on enhancing the musical abilities and that overall performance and Personality of the Child. Excellent Music education is imported here with a holistic approach towards preservation of Music here, is taught with a difference.


MUSIC_1Initiates the child into vocal music and later encourages Merit-based students to opt for instrumental music.

MUSIC_1Holds group and one–on-one class for obtaining maximum Performance output.

Effectively Adopts in the teaching method like.
a) Associational Memory Exercises.
b) Relative-learning excuse of number patterning.
c) Pictorial representations of basic concepts in Classical Music.
d) Use of teaching aids like audio-visual; Complimentary instruments.
e) Classroom effect-Spot assignment, Brain-Storming Exercises.

MUSIC_1Combines Practical and theory–based exercise with narrative-teaching to sustain the enthusiasm in class.

Blends modern methods( ex. Suzuki method) with the traditional (guru-kula) system teaching to gain best
results Indian heritage and in calculation of human values SAEM believes in What Music Stands for M-U-S-C-I-C and aims at achieving it.

Music School Activities